After School & Lunch Programs

Since 2008, R.S.S. has taught over hundreds of children at over 40+ elementary schools and clubs with our ‘Active in the Gym school tennis program. It's an incredibly easy, yet thoroughly enjoyable way for children to be engaged with such a great sport!

Many students have other activities after school (sports, music, homework, etc) and would not be able to participate in an after-school tennis program where also, transportation might be a real issue if parents do not have transportation to pick their children up after school so the students must leave on school buses at the end of school and by-pass any after-school activities. This is a big concern at many schools that have a large percentage of free and reduced students that do not live within walking distance of the school.   By implementing a lunch time tennis program, R.S.S. programs allow the students that need additional educational assistance can attend those programs during after-school time slots where Lunch Time Tennis supports the efforts of education first.