You have to consider coaching style and experience, time of day, price, and — maybe most importantly — lesson type. Group lessons are perfect for beginners since young players should benefit from the fun, semi-social, and competitive athletic environment through interactive and active assessments by R.S.S. qualified professionals all through their training.  Our group lessons give young players the opportunity to receive proper fundamental coaching right from the start of their first lesson. Our certified coaches offer brief and precise pointers immediately after a shot, and they occasionally pull individuals aside to give them detailed instructions. Beginners benefit from watching the players around them, which can really improve their understanding of the basics (especially for young players who are “visual learners”).  

Some players — especially first time beginners — learn faster by augmenting one-on-one advice with visual aid where younger players also should benefit from a group lesson’s fun and competitive environment. These planned lessons are a great way to get children involved with tennis, make new friends, compete, and develop basic fundamental tennis skills. That being said, you can make huge improvements in your game with group lessons.